Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Are Approaching Lift Off!!!

First off, I must apologize for not blogging consistently like I have asked my students.  It's not that I didn't have time, I have been helping students with their projects that I began postponing part of mine.  However, now I am back on track and I am planning for the presentations in our school's cafeteria, theater foyer, and theater.  I won't be able to get all of my students on the stage so a few days ago, I asked for senior and junior volunteers.  For my presentations, seniors will be presenting on May 21st and juniors on May 26th.  Students who are not presenting on stage, will be presenting their projects in a science fair-style presentation.  They have been asked to use a tri-fold display and to bring any technology that they will need to enhance their presentation.

So what have I planned...

1.  I have talked to a student in theater who will be running the sound and lighting for the theater.  I have requested 3 wireless microphones.
2.  I have talked to our technology person and asked him about being able to plug in a laptop on stage and have it project onto the screen behind the students.  In order to do this, I need to borrow a school laptop, a VGA cable, and an onstage portable speaker.
3.  I need to purchase a remote mouse, extension cords, and power strips.  I was looking at circular red rugs, but they are expensive and I might hold off on that.
4.  I will be bringing a flex cam so that students who have a product can present their product on stage through the laptop.  Again, I asked our technology person if he had a USB male-female extension cord.

So who have I contacted...

1.  I sent an email invitation to the assistant superintendents.
2.  Administration
3.  Staff
4.  The local Newspaper- The Signal
5.  Parents (Flyer is being sent home with the students)

My next steps are to plan the layout of the cafeteria and theater foyer.  I have the specifications of each location, along with the lengths of the rectangular tables that I will need.  I also need to do a "dry run" of the sound and video in the theater.  Nothing would be more frustrating if technology did not work.